History of the Lakeway Civic Corporation

Compiled from the records of the LCC and from Byron Varner’s “Lakeway:  The First 25 Years”.

(Revised by the LCC in 2021)

The founders of the Lakeway community had the vision and foresight to conceive a plan under which a percentage of revenue from sales of lots would be contributed to a Trust Fund.  The income, not the principal from the Trust, could be used for specific community needs.  This led to the establishment of the Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) in September, 1965, with the following stated purposes:

  •  “to render constructive services for promotion of the special welfare of the community and of its property owners and residents of Lakeway Subdivision and surrounding areas”

  •  “to inculcate civic consciousness by means of active participation in constructive projects that will improve the community and the nation”

  •  “to promote and provide recreational facilities for the residents and property owners of Lakeway Subdivision” and

  •  “to acquire and maintain property and funds for charitable community services and recreational facilities.”

Shortly thereafter, the “Lakeway Property Maintenance Trust Fund” was established with Capital National Bank as Trustee (now The Chase Global Private Bank).  The beneficiary of the Trust is the Lakeway Civic Corporation.  The trust agreement required the Lakeway Company to pay the lesser of:  (1)  10% of the purchase price; or (2) $200,  into the trust upon the sale of each lot.  When the Trust was established, the founding developers (Lee Blocker, Flint Sawtelle and John Crooker) made an initial contribution of over $50,000, generously including every lot sold and paid for prior to the creation of the Trust.  The Trust has grown to a value of about $1.4 million, with the development of Rough Hollow and Lakeway Highlands.  Additional contributions are still being made to the Trust.   

The Corporation’s Board of Trustees consists of six individuals who are elected by Lakeway property owners for staggered terms of three years.  

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